Tips and tricks for a green and clean beauty

Yucatán Collection

Destination Mexico for an ultra-graphic and creative journey. Bask in the sun and the excitement of new colors and textures that welcome the feeling of spring all the way to your fingertips. Manicures destined to be ultra creative and bold.. without moderation!

Manucurist x
Paris Fashion Week

Fashion Week has just ended and all we can say is that we will absolutely love Fall-Winter 2024! Manucurist was present backstage and on the runways, emblemishing the looks of the upcoming fashion trends... Check out a week of the best outfits and creations by the top nail artists working with A-List fashion brands.

What is the Purpose of a Base Coat?

You may have been asking yourself this question: Why exactly do I need a base coat for my manicure? With all the nail products on the market, including different types of base coats for gel & traditional polish, it can be confusing to understand what exactly is necessary in terms of a healthy nail, hand and manicure routine. Do not worry, we are here to help!

Wild Winter Collection

Wondering what nail polish colors to choose to pair with your looks this winter season? What could be better than colors that celebrate nature and its magnificent beauty… sparkling snow, rippling glaciers and ever stretching mountainous peaks. Discover a timeless collection designed to emanate the majesty of nature in its purest form. Shades with magnetic pigments to reconnect with the earth and touch the sky. Ready to discover the Wildness of Winter?

Sensitivity and allergies: be careful what you put on your nails!

Allergic to gel polish? HEMA and Di-HEMA TMHDC are the guilty parties. A lot of gel polishes can cause allergies and you may well have paid the price! The culprits? Two little molecules called HEMA and Di-HEMA TMHDC monomers.

HEMA-free? What does that mean?

As you no doubt already know, Green Flash is 12-free and its formula contains no controversial molecules harmful to your health. Green Flash contains no HEMA monomers or Di-HEMA TMHDC: two sensitising substances prohibited from sale to the public since September 2021.

HEMA and Di-HEMA TMHDC: two sensitising molecules prohibited from sale to the general public.

Green Flash: the risk-free alternative that fully complies with the regulation. The result of extensive research and development work, Green Flash by Manucurist complies with the regulation, is authorised for sale to the public and contains no HEMA monomers or Di-HEMA TMHDC.

Green by Manucurist - tested and certified

Vegan Society, Ecocert, FSC, GOTS... let's take a closer look at the different labels and certifications our products have obtained and what guarantees they offer.

How to remove your Green Flash gel nail polish without damaging your nails

Removing gel nail polish has become an obstacle to wearing it, but does it deserve its bad rap? The teaM reveals its tips for easy, gentle removal.

Soft, ridged or easily breakable nails? It's time to talk about nail imperfections!

Our nails have a hard life! Today, the teaM will give you the lowdown on the good habits that will help keep your nails healthy all year round!

A down-to-earth chat with Emmanuelle Roule, Marseille-based designer and ceramic artist

The Manucurist TeaM visited Marseille, where they bumped into the ceramic artist and designer Emmanuelle Roule, resulting in this down-to-earth digression!

Regular polish, gel nails or gel polish—which one to choose?

Do you know the difference between regular polish, gel nails and gel polish? The Manucurist Team has the low-down on how they are different and the pros and cons of each. Follow the guide and choose the one that's right for you.

What colours should you wear on short nails?

The big question is, what should you do with short nails? Nothing? It would be a real shame to neglect them, especially if they're already fragile. Team Manucurist to the rescue, with nail care and colour tips to save the day!

Five ways to make summer beautiful for you and the planet

Read the Manucurist team's tips for clean & green summer holidays and find out more about their favorite products.

How to give yourself a Green Flash manicure like a pro

The teaM offer you their tips and a step-by-step guide to a salon-worthy manicure at home.

Because one color is never enough, meet the Rainbow Kit

Spring 2021 heralded the arrival of the rainbow manicure, as seen in the Instagram accounts of nail artists everywhere. Time to take a closer look at this new trend.

What is Green Flash?

We've been talking about it for over a year: Green Flash is our pride and joy—the innovation we didn't dare dream about!

How does nail polish work?

It can be difficult to understand what is hidden behind the fiendish ingredient names on your bottle of nail polish. What happens when you apply your favourite colour?

How to prep your nails like a pro

The Manucurist team reveals its tips for prepping your nails like a pro before applying your polish or gel polish.

Interview with Gaëlle, Manucurist's founder, on feminism, motherhood & self-care

Manucurist is a mother-daughter collaboration that has grown into a female-run business. So, with Mother's Day just around the corner, we decided to chat to Gaëlle Lebrat-Personnaz, CEO and co-founder of Manucurist.

Lamp or no lamp: pick your side!

It can be hard to work out what's what in the world of polish. No need to panic: here's a quick guide to help you find the routine that suits you best.