Green Flash™ LED Gel Polish

Green Flash™ LED Gel Polish

Green Flash™ LED gel polish, the first nail health focused hybrid between traditional polish and gel!

⚡️ Can be removed in 1 minute without acetone
💅 Lasts 10 days
🌱 Vegan & up to 84% plant-based


What is a LED Gel polish?

The Led Gel polish Green Flash has been such an innovation in the market since its launch in 2019. It's the result of a long development journey to replace all the controversial molecules with more natural alternatives that are safe for your body.

What is a gel nail polish?

A gel nail polish is an acrylic gel mixed with nail polish that reacts under a UV/LED lamp to form an adhesive, durable network. Thanks to this network, the polish has greater staying power and shine than ordinary polish. It's a genuine revolution, offering an immaculate manicure for several days. 

But gel nail polish has suffered from bad press in recent years. Many of the chemicals it contains are harmful to health and the removal procedure is often considered aggressive and onerous.

Discover the Green Flash revolution for yourself:

Green Flash is the first LED Gel polish that dries instantly, is ultra long-lasting and can be removed in a flash. Made from 84% bio-sourced ingredients, it is 12-free, vegan, cruelty-free and contains no "bad ingredients" (endocrine disruptors, CMR, sensitizing monomers or hydroquinone). 

It has a vegan formula and can be applied at home for a manicure "like a pro" in 3 easy steps: base coat - color - top coat! Guaranteed staying power and shine for 10 days. From classic red to ultramarine and everything in between, there's a color to suit everybody!

How to apply Green Flash LED Gel polish ?

Green Flash gel nail polish is easy to apply in 3 simple steps: base coat - color - top coat. Each coat should be applied in 2 or 3 brushstrokes and cured under the lamp. A speedy application for professional results at home.

Click here to watch the "how to apply" video: Link.

For more tips, you can take part in the Green Flash "at home" masterclass led by the team.

How long will my Green Flash LED Gel polish last ?

Its staying power mainly depends on how well you apply it and your nail type. With Green Flash, you can count on staying power and shine for up to 10 days.

How do I remove Green Flash LED Gel polish ?

Green Flash gel nail polish can be removed as easily as ordinary polish with a gentle, acetone-free nail polish remover. Changing your color has never been easier! 

Simply apply a cotton pad soaked in Green Flash nail polish remover to each nail (held in place with our nail clips) and leave on for 1 minute. If there is any base coat residue left, rub it again with a cotton pad soaked in remover.