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Nail Polish Corrector Pen

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Our nail polish corrector pen gently and accurately corrects any little mistakes you make when applying your Green Flash™ gel polish or Green nail polish.

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The tip of our nail polish corrector pen is soaked in our gentle,acetone-free nail polish remover, whose formula is up to 97% plant-based and enriched with castor oil to moisturize the nail contour.

The tapered tip is ultra-precise and the pen comes with 3 additional refills.

  • Acetone-free, plant-based formula
  • 3 refills
  • Precise, tapered felt tip
  • Enriched with castor oil
  • Easy to use

Press the soaked tip onto any traces of polish on your fingers. Clean the tip with a tissue after every use. To change the pen's refill, pull out the used tip and insert a new one.

Pro tip ✨

For gentle, effective correction, always use BEFORE curing under the lamp or before air-drying.

In order to protect and preserve your corrector pen tips for as long as possible, use a dedicated tip for each color range: dark colors, reds, glitters, etc.

Ingredients (INCI)

ethyl acetate, alcohol denat., ricinus communis seed oil, parfum, etocrylene, butyl acetate, CI 61565, CI 47000

97% plant-based

Award-winning innovation 🏆

Nail Polish Corrector Pen
Nail Polish Corrector Pen
Nail Polish Corrector Pen
Nail Polish Corrector Pen
Nail Polish Corrector Pen

The 1st LED polish that can be removed in 1 minute!

  • Plant-based & vegan-friendly formulas

  • Staying power and shine for up to 10 days

  • Dries instantly under a LED lamp

  • Base Coat + LED Lamp

  • Color + LED Lamp

  • Top Coat + LED Lamp


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