Welcome to the Green Flash™ Revolution

Green Flash™, the first LED nail polish that dries instantly, is ultra long-lasting and can be removed in a flash.
It's the ultimate clean alternative to regular polish and gel polish.


How to apply Green Flash™?

Follow our 3-step routine for easy application: base coat, colour and top coat with the LED lamp.

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Step 1 - Prepare the nail
Use Green Flash™ Nail Polish Remover to remove any oil from your nails.

Step 2 - Base Coat
Apply a thin layer of Green Flash™ Base Coat. You don't need a lot. Then cap the nail edge by running the brush over the tip.
This step is very important. It stops the polish from lifting and helps the color to adhere.
Once you've applied the base coat, cure under the Green Flash™ Premium Lamp for 1 minute or the Green Flash™ 24W Lamp for 2 minutes.

Step 3 - Color
Now you can apply your favorite Green Flash™ color in 2 or 3 brush strokes. Start in the middle and then paint each side of the nail.
Once again, it's important to use as little product as possible. Cap the free edge, then cure under the Green Flash™ Premium Lamp for 1 minute or the Green Flash™ 24W Lamp for 2 minutes.
Repeat this step so you end up with 2 thin coats of color.

Step 4 - Top coat
Apply the Green Flash™ Top Coat, cap the free edge and cure under the Green Flash™ Premium Lamp for 2 minutes or the Green Flash™ 24W Lamp for 3 minutes.

TIP 1 - Apply Green Oil
Once you have completed your Green Flash™ manicure, use our Green Oil to enhance and moisturize your skin.
Apply a few drops to your cuticles and massage in to moisturize. You can also rub it into your fingers.

Et voilà—your Green Flash™ manicure is complete and you'll have beautiful, glossy nails for up to 10 days!

How to

How to remove Green Flash™?

Removal is child's play if you follow our best practice guide. Changing color has never been easier ⚡️

  • application is easy or very easy!

    according to 80% of users surveyed*

  • you'll be a pro from your third application!

    according to 80% of users surveyed*

*survey carried out on 2,575 Green Flash users

Become a pro!

Preparing the nail

Follow these steps to prepare your nails properly and boost the staying power of your Green Flash™.

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Step 1 - File your nails
Using the soft (logo) side of the 100/180 emery board for natural nails, file your nails into your desired shape.

Step 2 - Prepare the nail contour
Apply a drop of cuticle remover to the contour of each nail to soften it.
Leave to work for 2 minutes. Use the steel cuticle pusher to push back your cuticles.
How to use the cuticle pusher:
Use the round end in the opposite direction to nail growth, and make sure you don't move it backwards and forwards to avoid scratching your nails.
Then use the square end for the corners. Do it gently—it shouldn't hurt.
Remove any excess cuticle remover with a cotton pad and wash your hands.

Step 3 - Buff your nails
Use the nail priming emery board to gently buff your nails before removing any rough edges (logo side, in the direction of growth).
This step is particularly important for ridged nails.

Step 4 - Remove the oil from your nails
Use Green Flash Nail Polish Remover to remove any oil or dust from your nails.

Green Flash™ tips

  • Use as little product as possible

    Wipe one side of the brush and just leave a small drop of product on the tip of the other side.

  • Cap the free edge

    Pass the brush over the tip of the nail without adding any polish.
    If your nails are short, pull down on your fingertip to create a free edge.

  • Remove any traces of polish from the fingers

    For optimal staying power, remove any excess polish from the skin before curing under the lamp. To do this, soak a brush or cotton bud in Green Flash Nail Polish Remover and rub gently.

  • Apply Green Oil

    Finish off your Green Flash manicure by applying Green Oil. Apply a few drops to the nail contour and massage in gently to help it penetrate.

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