The Active Range

These unique and innovative formulas are inspired by combining make-up and nail care to create 5 enhancing effects for the nails.

5 Iconic

Enriched with concentrated active ingredients, the Active Range enhances natural nails while deeply nourishing and treating them

  • Bestseller 💖

    Active Glow™

    Revive luminosity & nourish

    Raspberry extract + AHA + Sweet Almond Oil

  • New ✨

    Active Glow™

    Revive luminosity & nourish

    Blueberry extract + AHA + Sweet Almond Oil

  • New ✨


    CC Polish
    Smooth & unify

    Biodegradable Castor Fibres+ Hexanal 
+ AHAs + Vitamin E

  • New ✨


    Brighten & fortify

    Lemon extract + AHAs + Hexanal + Vitamin E

  • New ✨


    Illuminates & repairs

    Beet extract + AHAs + Hexanal

The first All-in-one
nail routine!

Unique effects.
Powerful plant-based actives.

  • 5 Embellishing

    The perfect hybrid between makeup & nail care.

  • Clean

    AHAs, vitamins, and botanical extracts.

  • Buildable

    1 layer or multiple depending on the desired effect.

  • Easy

    No base or top coat! Air drying formula.

How does it work?
Easy and buildable

  • On naked nails, without a base or top coat

  • Buildable effect, depending on your desired finish

  • Removes like a traditional polish with an acetone-free remover

5 nail perfectors for every nail type
Boost radiance, deeply treat and nourish

Select your Active and discover the effect.

  • Active Glow™️ Raspberry - Revive radiance

  • Active Glow™️ Blueberry - Revive radiance

  • Active Smooth - Smooth and unify

  • Active Bright - Brighten and fortify

  • Active Shine - Illuminate and repair

The all time favorite!
Active Glow™ Raspberry

  • 1

    every 2 minutes

  • 95%

    would recommend
    to a friend*

  • +100 000


*test conducted on a panel of 436 people

1123 total reviews

My nails look better and healthier. I love the slightly rosy color that gives them a naturally healthy appearance.

My nails are enhanced! The surface is smooth and soft. They are stronger and have a beautiful shine.

Repaired nails and visible results from the first application. My nails are smoother, and I feel like they are nourished and regenerated.

Find them in set of
your favorite Actives!

Choose your Active!
5 embellishing effects for your nails

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Active Glow™ is and innovative product that fills a need not previously addressed in the nail space, confirmed by its immediate worldwide success!

Gaëlle Lebrat Personnaz
Manucurist Founder


Can I use the polish in the Active range with Green™ or Green Flash™?

Our Active range is not compatible with Green Flash™! The products in our Active range should be used on their own and air-dry in just a few seconds, so don't require a lamp!

To enjoy the beneficial effects of our Active range, the product needs to be in direct contact with the nail. So there's no need to use it as a top coat. If you want to use a base coat that cares for your nails under your Green™ polish, use one of our treatment base coats.

How long does the polish in the Active range last on my nails?

On average, the treatment polish in our Active range lasts about a week. If you want an added shine boost, you can apply a fresh coat of Active after a few days.

Can I use the polish in the Active range with a treatment base coat?

The products in the Active range should be applied to bare nails. You don't need to use a base coat, as each product in the range is also a treatment, so has to be in contact with your nails. You don't need a top coat either, as it already has a high-shine finish!

Do I need a lamp to use the polish in the Active range?

The polish in the Active range air-dries without the use of a Green Flash™ lamp.

How do I remove the polish in the Active range?

You can remove Active products in the same way as our polish - with a gentle nail polish remover, with our Nail Polish Remover or with Green Flash™ Nail Polish Remover.

Can I layer Active products for an even greater "wow" effect, like makeup?

Yes! The Active range is endlessly buildable, so you can layer it to vary the effect and intensity.