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  • Agathe Massé

    Agathe is one of Manucurist's first resident nail artists.
    With a master's degree in communications, she decided to make manicure her profession following a career change. For 4 years now she has been involved in every product development as well as numerous events and training courses around the world.

  • Lexi Lynn

    Lexi has been a Marketing Project Manager at Manucurist for 2 years, specializing in Product Development and Sustainability. She holds a bachelor's degree in biochemistry and a masters degree in cosmetic formulation, making her an expert of cosmetic ingredients and their overall benefits for the nails & skin!

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The consultation was great, Trinity was very helpful and sweet and walked me through the whole Green Flash process, feeling more confident for my next manicure!

Super interesting to see your masterclass on Green Flash, thanks for answering everyone's questions live!

It was really great! Can't wait to see more masterclasses on other subjects like nail art for beginners!

Sophie was very efficient and the answers were personalized, I learned that I was applying layers that were too thick! Now my manicures are perfect!

I LOVED it, and learned so much, and I am super excited for more! I really appreciate access to the replays of previous classes too!

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Green Flash™ Tutorials


    How to care for nails / nail fibers?

    Increase polish wear time with healthy nails!


    How to apply Green Flash™ ?

    A manicure that wears for 10 days with an intense gloss & shine


    How to Remove Green Flash™ ?

    An express and super gentle removal in 1 minute without acetone!