• Clean Ingredients

    All our formulas follow a strict blacklist that excludes toxic, sensitizing, petroleum-based or otherwise harmful ingredients

  • Vegan

    We never use animal products or ingredients in our formulation, production, or manufacturing for our products 

  • Cruelty free

    All our products are cruelty-free and never tested on animals. This means from start to finish: final formulations and all individual ingredients

  • Made in France

    We work with ESAT (a French organization) who helps us find suppliers with aligning values, and assure constant improvements to environmental and social commitments along our value chain


We strive for the cleanest, safest formulas possible and always look to replace toxic or sensitizing chemicals with plant-based options wherever possible. All of our products are vegan, cruelty-free and up to 99% plant-based

  • Sugarcane

    Ethyl acetate, sourced from sugarcane, is used as a major component for the base of our polishes

  • Corn

    Acetyl tributyl citrate, sourced from corn, increases polish shine and smoothness.

  • Yuca

    Butyl acetate, sourced from yuca, gives the polish fluidity and allows for easy application

  • Potato

    Sorbitol, sourced from potatoes, aids in creating a smooth, homogenous texture throughout all our polish shades.

  • Cotton

    Nitrocellulose, sourced from cotton, is a film former and dispersing agent that creates a smooth even finish to the polish

  • Wheat

    Isosorbide Dicaprylate/Caprate, sourced from wheat, is a plasticizer which improves nail polish flexability, prevents chipping and holds color

  • Green Flash™

    The first LED polish which replaces gel by offering long-lasting color and easy removal so you can stop ruining your nails! 

    Formulated without 12 of the most common toxic chemicals found in traditional varnishes, including methyl acrylate monomers, which causes most Gel polish allergies

    🏅 Marie Claire Beauty Game Changer Award 2023

    🏅 Cosmopolitan Holy Grail Award 2023

    🏅 Marie Claire Beauty Excellence Award 2020

  • Green

    Our version of traditional polish:
    vegan, formulated with up to 84% plant-based ingredients and free from 9 of the most common toxic chemicals found in traditional varnishes

    🏅 Beauty Shortlist Award: Best Free-From Nail Polish 2023

    🏅 Cosmopolitan Clean Beauty Award Winner

  • Care

    Care products that include all the steps of a healthy hand routine: prep, regenerate, hydrate, soothe and nourish

    Our creams, baumes and soaps are composed of natural ingredients, enriched with benefits from natural actives, and certified organic by COSMOS Eco certification, Vegan, Cruelty-Free and formulated with up to 99% plant-based ingredients

Certified & Validated

Our ingredients and formulas are the most advanced in terms of avoiding toxic effects to our environment and health 🌎🌱 And we don’t stop there! We are constantly looking for ways to innovate and improve.
Here are some of the ways we ensure our products are kept to the highest possible standards:

  • COSMOS Organic Certified

    Our care line features cosmos organic certifications which requires that a minimum of 95% of the plants contained in the formula are organicand at least 20% of the organic ingredients are present in the total formula 

  • Vegan Society Certified

    All our products are certified vegan by The Vegan Society which assures the absence of animal products or ingredients in the formulation, production, or manufacturing of products

  • PETA Cruelty-Free

    All our products are certified Cruelty-Free & Vegan by PETA through the Beauty Without Bunnies Program which assures the absence of animal testing for all final formulas and ingredients along the entire value chain

  • Cosmopolitan Clean Beauty Award

    Over 600+ brands participated, and our entire Green™ line was chosen by a panel of cosmetic chemists, board-certified dermatologists and licensed estheticians based on criteria of being “rooted in science” and “taking into consideration the well-being of people and planet"

  • Marie Claire Excellence Award

    Loved for it’s ingredients our Green Flash™ line was chosen in 2020 by a jury of 23 beauty experts as one of only 11 products to win the “Prix d’Excellence de la Beauté” (Beauty Excellence Award) with a special distinction for our sustainable engagements

Sustainable Packaging

The cosmetic industry is estimated to produce around 120 billion tonnes of packaging waste annually, and Manucurist takes this seriously! We are motivated to offer innovative and sustainable packaging solutions like: 

  • ✨ Responsible Materials Choice

    All the materials we choose can be recycled to give your products a second life! Most of our products come without secondary packaging, decreasing unnecessary waste! 

  • ☁️ GOTS Certified Organic Cotton

    All our bags are made with organic cotton certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard who assures non-toxic growing practices, that do not deplete soil, disturb ecosystems or harm workers 

  • 🌳 FSC Certified Kraft Paper

    All paper packaging and shipping materials are made with Kraft, certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, an international NGO whose mission is to promote ecological, social and economic forest management

  • ♻️ Post Consumer Recycled Aluminum

    Our care line features recyclable aluminum and in addition, our Botanical creams & soaps are bottled in post consumer recycled aluminum, which gives the material a new life, directly combatting the beauty industry plastic crisis

In an effort to be more transparent we provide all packaging and recycling information under the “Sustainable Packaging” section for each of our products!


Manucurist is proud to offer nail art options like biodegradable glitters so you never have to compromise for a fun creative nail look! All our glitters are tested and certified biodegradable as well as certified as complying with environmental safety criteria outlined by the biodegradable water standard

Better with glitters ✨

Healthy Hands for a Healthy Planet

The future is green and we are happy to do our part in offering alternatives to make the nail industry more sustainable everyday. Discover some of our favorites here!


Want to know more?

Let’s talk about some of our eco-initiatives and how we are making strides to change the manicure industry for the better.