Green Flash Gel Polish Remover
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Green Flash Gel Polish Remover

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Green Flash, the first green gel nail polish that can be removed like regular polish!

97% bio-sourced and acetone-free, our Green Flash Gel Polish Remover removes polish quickly and gently.

Its castor oil-enriched formula with its delicate floral fragrance moisturizes and cares for your nails.

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Green Flash Gel Polish Remover

Only 3920 items in stock!
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Brand highlights

  • Up to 84% plant-based ingredients
    Plant-based ingredients extracted from natural, renewable sources
  • Made in France
    Products made in France
  • Vegan
    Our aim is to develop products without using ingredients that come from animals or the farming of animals
  • 9-free
    9-free: no controversial ingredients
  • No toxic ingredients
    Products formulated based on a strict blacklist
  • Eco-friendly packaging
    Recyclable packaging, FSC cardboard and biodegradable packing peanuts


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Protocol We tell you everything!

  1. 1 layer of base coat + 2 min under the lamp
  2. 2 coats of color + 2 min for each coat
  3. 1 layer of top coat + 3 min under the lamp et voilà!
  1. Cut out 10 small squares of cotton pad + soak in gentle acetone-free remover
  2. Apply to each finger and wait 2 min
  3. Hey presto! Remove the cotton pads while pressing gently and you’re done!


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Soak a cotton pad with Green Flash Nail Polish Remover and leave it on the nail for 2 minutes. Rub to remove the polish. If any base coat is left, repeat the step.

Yes! You are strongly advised to remove oil from your nails before applying nail polish (gel or regular) so that the base coat adheres properly.

Yes! Green Flash Nail Polish Remover can also be used to remove Green nail polish, but the reverse is not possible: you cannot use Green Nail Polish Remover to remove Green Flash gel nail polish.

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Green Flash Gel Polish Remover


  • Removes Green Flash gel nail polish and Green regular nail polish
  • Acetone-free and 97% bio-sourced
  • Can be used to remove oil from nails before applying the base coat
"Removes oil from the nail after use"

Green Nail Polish Remover


  • Only removes Green regular nail polish, not Green Flash gel nail polish
  • Acetone-free and 100% bio-sourced
  • Cannot be used to remove oil from nails because of its nourishing active ingredient
"Nourishes the nail after use"

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