Green Flash™ Led Gel Polish

Green Flash™ Remover & Clips Duo

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No more damaged nails! Our gentle, plant-based, acetone-free nail polish remover and nail clips remove Green Flash™ gel polish in just 1 minute.


The duo you won't want to be without! No more long hours spent removing your polish with acetone—these nail clips will be your new best friends. A few drops of gentle nail polish remover on a cotton pad, clip it to your nail, wait 1-2 minutes et voilà—all done!

  • Easy, gentle removal
  • Clips that can be used again and again

Apply a cotton pad soaked in Green Flash™ nail polish remover to each nail. To make this step easier, hold the cotton pads in place with our nail clips. Leave on for 1 minute. Rub off any base coat residue.

Sustainable Packaging
Nail Clips

White Clips (ABS Plastic type #7- Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) : Seperate white ABS from metal apperatus on clips. ABS can be placed in recycling bin but should be kept seeperate from other types of plastic to avoid contamination.

Metal: Metal peices can be added to recyling bin or taken to a local collection center

As always, verify your local manicipalitiy's recycling regulations and procedures and for more information please go to or

Green Flash™ Remover

Glass Bottle: Emptied, cleaned and dried bottles can either be reused or placed in a recycling bin seperate from other materials to avoid contamination. If your local manicapality does not accept glass for recycling, bottles can be brought to a collection center. No need to remove labeling.

Plastic Cap (Plastic-type #5 - Polypropylene): Clean and remove cap from brush attachment and place in recycling bin or bring to a local collection center.

Label: No need to remove label as glass recycling processes will remove any labelilng

As always, verify your local municipality's recycling regulations and procedures and for more information please go to or

Ingredients (INCI)

ethyl acetate, alcohol denat., ricinus communis seed oil, parfum, etocrylene, butyl acetate, CI 61565, CI 47000

97% plant-based

Award-winning innovation 🏆

Green Flash™ Remover & Clips Duo
Green Flash™ Remover & Clips Duo
Green Flash™ Remover & Clips Duo
Green Flash™ Remover & Clips Duo
Green Flash™ Remover & Clips Duo


Our Frequently Asked Questions from our customers and community!

How long does it take to cure my Green Flash™ polish?

The curing time depends on your lamp:

  • 36W lamp (Pro Lamp): 1 minute for the base coat, 1 minute for each coat of color, 2 minutes for the top coat.
  • 24W lamp (Slim Lamp): 2 minutes for the base coat, 2 minutes for each coat of color, 3 minutes for the top coat.

These times have already been programmed into your Manucurist lamp and it is important that you don't exceed them! Each coat should still be very slightly tacky at the end of each step so it adheres to the next.

I'm having trouble removing my Green Flash™ polish - is this normal?

Absolutely not!

Soak 10 small cotton pads (the size of your nails) in gentle, acetone-free nail polish remover, like our Green Flash™ Nail Polish Remover. Press a cotton pad onto each nail. Use our nail clips to hold them in place. Each nail should be completely covered by its soaked pad. Wait for 1-2 minutes without touching them. Remove them one by one and the nail polish should come off with them!

If there is still some base coat left, you can repeat the process for a few seconds.

My polish seems too thick - is this normal?

The thickness will depend on the amount of pigmentation in the polish.
If you prefer a more liquid consistency, our plant-based thinner will be your best friend!

Is the Green™ range compatible with the Green Flash™ range? And with products from other brands?

Unfortunately not, each formula is unique and made from different ingredients. Our Green Flash™ products should only be used with products from the same range to ensure the best results.

Can using Green Flash™ cause allergies?

Green Flash™ meets European standards and does not contain any sensitising substances like the monomers and methyl acrylate found in many traditional gel polishes. Many customers have testified that they have been able to use our products safely, even if they were allergic to other types of gel polish. However, allergic reactions are not specifically related to chemical ingredients, so we cannot guarantee that you won't have a reaction to another ingredient, even a natural one. If this does happen, please feel free to contact us 🌸

You'll find more information in our blog about allergies.

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