Tips and tricks for a green and clean beauty

The French manicure is back!

Made famous by the stars of the 1970s, the French manicure is back with a bang on Instagram in a colorful pop version! Time to take a closer look at this new trend.

Green, Greener, Greenest

Eco-friendly nail polish is good. A sustainable production, that's even better! Focus on Manucurist commitments.

Green Flash: our 10 tips for maximum staying power

The Manucurist team reveals its tips and best practice for Green Flash gel polish that lasts 10 days or more!

Do you speak Manucurist?

Focus on the specific terms we use to talk about our products and helpful definitions.

What does bio-sourced and plant-based mean?

Focus on a frequently used Manucurist term. But what is really hiding behind this word?

LED and UV lamps: what's the difference?

UV and LED lamps both do the same thing: dry gel nail polish. But what's the difference between these two types of lamps?

The Green Revolution by Manucurist

Why Manucurist decided to abandon traditional nail polish formulas and commit to a genuine environmental approach.

Green Flash: why is it the real deal?

Since its launch, Green Flash gel nail polish has been a real innovation. But how is it different from the previous generation of gel nail polishes?

Five must-read feminist books that won't wait

Our teaM has come up with a list of five must-read feminist books you need to get your hands on right now!