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Summer nails #2 : Our Pro Tips for Perfect Nails All Summer Long

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Your suitcase is packed with all your new outfits, swimsuits and strappy sandals… Now it is time to pack your beauty essentials to make sure that everything is perfect! We can’t stress this enough… Dream manicures are best applied and last the longest on healthy, well-prepped nails! So this summer, don't leave home without your nail care essentials, and take time to pamper yourself between coats of color.

At the beach, in the pool, on a hike or on a bike… Vacations are exciting and full of adventure, which isn't always the best news for your nails. This is why it is so important to make the extra effort to care of them, keeping them in good shape so your mani will stay looking the best it can.

Healthy Nails All Summer Long

If the summer season encourages us to play with color (lien vers l’article summer nails 1) It is also the ideal time to pay attention to your nail health! Develop good habits and implement a care routine which will make polish last longer and naked nails look glowier. When subjected to heat, humidity and all other kinds of external factors that are heightened in the summer months, nails can become dehydrated and brittle. Here are some of our essentials that you should be sure to pack before your summer vacation.

Nail File, Serum and Care :
3 must-haves for a hydrated and glowy nail look!

Did you know that nails tend to grow faster in the summer sun? If you have already done so, slip a natural nail file with the right grit in your summer kit. This will enable you to easily shorten your nails and gently repair any small snags or imperfections.
PRO TOP: be sure to only file in one direction instead of the often used method of back and forth sawing. This back and forth can cause splitting.

Nails tend to dehydrate quicker when subjected to high amounts of humidity. This is because of the effect of the excess moisture in the air on the natural oils that your nails produce to protect themselves. Wearing polish can help to protect the nail fibers by creating an extra layer or barrier, but it is also important to give your nails a little rest between coats to nourish and moisturize them in depth.
After gently removing nail polish with an Acetone-Free Remover, massage in a few drops of Complete Serum. This miracle product is formulated with panthenol, chestnut seed extract and glycerine that deeply treats, nourishes and restores nails, preventing them from becoming dry, thin and brittle.

Level up your nail rehab with a glowy finish using the Active Glow which contains a healthy dose of AHA and other vitamins from sweet almond and raspberry to treat nails with exactly what they are craving!

A hybrid between a nail treatment and color, this nail perfector will be your new best friend for giving your nails a nourishing break while also offering a tangy, rosy glow. Raspberry extracts sooth and regenerate while Sweet almond oil moisturizes and nourishes. AHA is the magic ingredient in this formula as it is very effective in restoring and revitalizing even the most fragile of nails… This powerful cocktail of actives are specifically designed to boost the natural radiance of your nails.

Green Oil :
After the sun, nourish your nails and cuticles!

To resist harsh sun damage, and regenerate your nails, you will need to focus on hydration. We may not always think about it but exposure to heat, humidity and other external factors can considerably weaken the keratin fibers that make up your nails as well as the cuticles and surrounding skin. To mitigate this, focus on regular hydration and nourishment. We suggest Green Oil, specially formulated to be ultra-rich with 6 different nourishing oils and a plethora of actives that deeply regenerate your skin and nails.

Green flash :
Durable & Long-Lasting Manicure for Travelers, Nomades and Summer Vacationers alike.

Now that you know how to keep your nails healthy, you can enjoy all your favorite nail colors for the summer! For a manicure and color application that is perfect to withstand all your summer activities, add a Green Flash Kit to your vacation must-haves. The best part? The whole routine fits perfectly with you in your bag! Contained in the kit are all the essentials including the express acetone-free remover and a slim foldable lamp that fits in any bag and can be plugged in anywhere with a USB port.

The Perfect on-the-go Manicure Kit for Summer

  • The Essential Green Flash Kit with foldable 24W lamp that can plug in anywhere thanks to its USB port.
  • A Color Collection (Curated or Customized) with 5 colors to vary your manicure looks.
  • The Color Refresher to retouche the shine of your manicure without the need for a lamp.
  • The “Summer Vacation Kit” for healthy, glowy summer nails.
  • The Green Oil to deeply nourish nails and cuticles.

For those new to the Green Flash innovation, it is the perfect alternative between a classic polish and a gel! It immediately dries under the LED lamp, lasts up to 10 days and can be removed in 1 minute without acetone and without causing damage to the nails. Even better? It is vegan, plant-based and contains no controversial ingredients or allergens.

Finally, for an express touch up without a lamp, even on vacation, don't forget your Color Refresher to instantly revive the color and shine of your polishes. A must-have for over used and over exposed hands especially in the summer.

All that is left for us to do is with you a wonderful summer of care, shine, color and creativity! ☀️