The French manicure is back!

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Made famous by the Hollywood stars of the 1970s, the only French thing about this manicure is its name! At the time, it was the perfect way for actresses to be able to change their dresses without having to change their nail polish.

After a resurgence in the 2000s, "la French" then disappeared from the fashion scene, only to reappear on Instagram in a colorful pop version. Let's take a closer look at a trend that has risen from the ashes.


Lauren Hutton, Oscars 1975

Parlez-vous français?

A classic French manicure needs three essential elements to succeed: a fine brush, a nude color applied all over and a white polish.

Steps of a French manicure:

  • Prepare your nails using a nail priming emery board, then apply a Green or Green Flash base coat.
  • Apply one or two coats of sheer polish, allowing the surface of the nail to show through: we particularly like Nude, Hortencia or Milky White.
  • Capture your inspiration and draw the smile line in white polish (Snow is ideal) on the tip of the nail using a special Nail Art brush.
  • Apply the Green nail polish Top Coat or Green Flash gel polish top coat when the previous coat is dry.


How to do it French style in 2021

Now the French manicure is undergoing something of a metamorphosis and is back on the scene in a variety of versions, much to our delight.

The XXL French manicure

This French manicure is ideal on long nails: use a brush to create a bold white line. Horizontal, vertical or smile line—mix it up a little!

source: @bellahadid on Instagram


The Double French manicure

In 2021, we're seeing double! The Double French manicure gives you twice as many colors to play with. Whether you prefer a colorblock effect or pastel shades, this summer look works for any occasion.

Source: @women_with_style on Instagram


Vibrant French pop

The pop version of the French manicure is back with a bang and incredible color intensity. Pink, green, blue... anything is possible!

Source: @solovey_nail_art on Instagram