What colours should you wear on short nails?

Finding it hard to picture beautiful short nails? It's time to change all that!

The big question is, what should you do with short nails? Nothing? It would be a real shame to neglect them, especially if they're already fragile. Team Manucurist to the rescue, with nail care and colour tips to save the day!

Short nails? Short can be super cute!

Maybe you and your nails just aren't in sync right now. But wanting to make them look their best will reignite that spark, and we have exactly what you need to fan the flames! Short nails need as much if not more attention than long nails, so here are our tips

First, nail care

We can't say it often enough: taking care of your nails is ES-SEN-TIAL! To get the beautiful, healthy nails you've always wanted, all you need is a few minutes and some simple steps.

It's as easy as 1-2-3:

  • Start by gently pushing back your cuticles using our cuticle remover and steel cuticle pusher.
  • Next, file the sides of your nails into an almond shape to make them look longer.
  • Finally, regularly apply a layer of the treatment base coat best suited to your nail type.

Application like a pro

Find it difficult to apply polish to a small surface? Keep cool and just make sure you apply your polish vertically, avoiding the edges. It's a great tip for making your nails look longer and thinner, with guaranteed impact!

Click here for more tips.

Pop colors for a fresh new look

One thing's for sure, bright colours are your greatest ally when it comes to making short nails look fabulous. They're also a trendy alternative to dark or clear polish.

We've picked four of our favourites that will make you love your short nails:


A vibrant raspberry pink, a staple in a collection. Available in Green and Green Flash.

Coral Reef

A fun and bright red orange. The perfect summer shade! Available in Green and Green Flash.


A red halfway between a pink and a burgundy that you simply can’t resist. Available in Green Flash.


A pastel blue that doesn’t stay unnoticed. Available in Green and Green Flash

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