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S.O.S. Nail Mask

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The ultra-hydrating night time care product for repairing and fortifying your nails while you sleep! 

Formulated with 80.5% natural plant based ingredients and enriched with Panthenol, it forms a protective layer over the nails, inducing intense hydration throughout the night. Concentrated with strengthening and protecting ingredients, it increases your nails’ resistance and promotes healthy growth, with results visible in the very first days of use.

Ideal for severely damaged nails. Washes off with soapy water the next day.

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Note: As this mask can be removed with soapy water, we recommend that you apply it once you've completed your night time routine and settled in bed.

Apply the S.O.S Mask in thick layers to clean nails, like a polish.

Leave to dry naturally and once dry, leave on overnight.

The next morning, remove by simply peeling off or washing off with soapy water. Repeat this routine once 3 times a week.

Pro tip ✨

Healthy nails will help your manicure last longer.

Sustainable Packaging

Glass Bottle: Emptied, cleaned and dried bottles can either be reused or placed in a recycling bin separate from other materials to avoid contamination. If your local municipality does not accept glass for recycling, bottles can be brought to a collection center. No need to remove labeling.

Plastic Cap (Plastic-type #5 - Polypropylene): Clean and remove cap from brush attachment and place in recycling bin or bring to a local collection center.

Nail Brush (Plastic-type #4 - Low Density Polyethylene): Clean and remove cap from brush and place in recycling bin or bring to a local collection center.

Label: No need to remove label as glass recycling processes will remove any labelling

Box (Kraft Paper Box): Paper box can be unfolded and added to paper recycling bin or brought to a local collection center, Kraft paper box can also be added to any compost bin.

As always, verify your local municipality's recycling regulations and procedures and for more information please go to or

Ingredients (INCI)


80.5% plant-based

Award-winning innovation 🏆

S.O.S. Nail Mask
S.O.S. Nail Mask
S.O.S. Nail Mask
S.O.S. Nail Mask
S.O.S. Nail Mask
S.O.S. Nail Mask
S.O.S. Nail Mask


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