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Manucurist Holiday Gift guide

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It is that time of year again! The weather is changing and the holiday season is swiftly approaching. Finding the perfect gift for a friend, loved-one, or even yourself can feel like such a daunting task… however, Manucurist is here to help! Our Holiday Boutique is open and features fresh finds, the newest colors of the season, sparkling glitters, easy-to-use nail art tools, perfectly packaged gift sets and MORE!
Discover below the perfect surprise to offer this holiday!

Gifts for Green Flash Beginners
Green Flash™ is the innovation that started it all! Manucurist was started on the foundation of providing salon quality products that could be accessible to professionals and amateurs alike. The difference? We wanted to offer an alternative to the traditional long-lasting methods that are often accompanied by harsh side effects such as damaging and painful removal. Now you can have it all with easy, at-home, gel-like manicures that are easy to apply, long-lasting, bold in color, easy to remove and good for your nails with formulas that are vegan, cruelty-free and up to 84% plant-based! Not sure how to start? We have you covered ;)

Green Flash Gift Set:

Discover inside this beautiful, ready to gift, gold & red, special edition holiday box, all the essentials for a full Green Flash routine. Top Coat, Base Coat, 2 colors of choice, Gentle Polish Remover, Polish Remover Clips and a foldable 24 watt travel lamp.

The perfect gift for lovers of long-lasting, shiny and non-damaging, gel-like manicures!

Ultimate Green Flash Starter Kit:

Looking for everything for a full manicure routine? The Ultimate Green Flash Starter Kit is our most complete kit that includes all the essentials for a Green Flash gel-alternative system, complete with all nail prep tools and treatments, and a FREE bag to hold everything. Includes: Base Coat, Top Coat, Acetone-Free Remover, Polish Remover Clips, LED Lamp and 3 colors of choice! Plus all the essentials for nail prep: Nail File, nail Buffer Sponge, Cuticle Softener, Cuticle Pusher, Green Oil and finally a FREE XL pink bag to hold it all in!

Gifts for damaged nails
With the lines continuing to blur between beauty and wellness, we find ourselves being more cautious of the products we use to enhance our appearances. In the nail space, more and more attention is being called to the damage that traditional products can cause. Toxic chemicals, harsh removal processes, pigments that stain or weaken nails… and the list goes on! Give the gift of a “nail rehab” with some of our professional quality care and treatment products, expertly formulated to revive, refresh and enhance your natural nails!

S.O.S Rescue DUO:

Nails in need of an emergency rescue this holiday season? This DUO has got you covered! Two of our best-selling care products, S.O.S Base Coat & Green Oil, join forces to fight and revive extremely damaged nails... perfect for anyone who loves to get consecutive manicures and is in need of a nail revival before their next color!

The perfect gift to revive extremely damaged, dry and brittle nails from consecutive gel or acrylic manicures

Glow Manicure Set:

Glowing manicures.. the gift that keeps on giving! This manicure set, that fits perfectly inside our red, organic cotton travel bag, features The Complete Serum which keeps nails and cuticles nourished and hydrated, while The Active Glow, a hybrid polish & nail treatment, repairs and protects nail keratin fibers and adds a glowy, peach tint! Complete with our Cuticle Softener, Nail File, and Nail Buffer Sponge, this kit is perfect for lovers of a healthy, naturally glowy nail look, or anyone looking to give their nails a serious glow up!

Want to upgrade your Glowy Manicure?

Check out the Ultimate Glow Manicure Set that also includes our Muli-use Rose Balm, Corrector Pen and Cuticle Pusher!
Our most complete kit for taking care of your nail & hand health, and getting naturally radiant, glowing nails!

The Ultimate Glow Manicure Kit is a gift that keeps on giving perfectly hydrated and glowing natural nails!

Gifts for Healthy Hydration
It is no secret that healthy hydration is key to keeping skin, cuticles and nails youthful and luminescent. In the fall and winter months, with lower temperatures and less moisture in the air, it feels more important to supplement moisture with the use of serums, balms and creams, especially to prevent, calm and soothe irritated, dry or flaky situations! Discover our must-haves to give (or get!) healthy, happy and hydrated skin, cuticles and nails!

Cream & Balm DUO:

This rich, dreamy and creamy DUO features 2 ultra-hydrating products, both with delicate rose scents! The multi-use Rose Balm is an all in one moisturizing bomb that features nourishing sunflower & coconut oil, with seaweed extract that is high in antioxidants to aid in skin protection and repair! Paired with the Rose Botanical Hand Cream, rich in aloe vera and coconut oil, both of these products are sure to keep hands, skin, lips and nails, soft smooth, hydrated and delicately perfumed.

Perfect gift for lovers of rose, and hydrated hands, lips and nails all winter long

Nail Moisturizing Duo

This incredible DUO Includes the 5.5 Base Coat, whose rich formula features aloe vera, vitamin C and ginseng, along with the Complete Serum to deeply moisturize your nails without leaving an oily or sticky residue.

Perfect gift for anyone with dry nails & cuticles, or anyone looking to increase their natural nails' healthy shine

Gifts for Creatives and DIYers!
Advent Calendar: Manucurist’s first advent calendar is surely not to be missed! It contains all the products and tools you need to create, discover and explore bold, plant powered manicures, biodegradable glitter, bold color, nail art and more! This incredible selection of 24 full-sized products comes with expert tips and tricks hidden inside and will be sure to offer nail inspiration that can be enjoyed all year long.

The perfect gift for everyone from nail art amateurs to professionals! Great for those looking to explore their style and get creative, along with lovers of surprises and long-lasting, bold colored, and non-damaging manicures

Nail Art Tool DUO:

This duo contains 2 expert quality nail art tools designed to be used by people of all skill levels. It features a Nail Art Liner Brush for creating simple or more elaborate designs, paired with a double-ended Dotting Tool, which offers the perfect way to create dots, hearts, flowers and even more!

Nail Art Tool DUO, perfect for easy and creative nail art designs!

Gifts for Color Lovers
Give the gift of bold color and creative manicures!

Personalized Color Collections: Add a personal touch to your gifts this holiday season by creating a Green Flash™ or Green Customized Color Collection! Design a collection of 5-colors; hand picked by you to fit your loved ones style, favorite colors, or even a mix of neutrals and bolds to give them options... a gift that keeps on giving even after the holiday season!

The perfect gift for lovers of color, choices, and long-lasting, shiny, and non-damaging manicures!

Discover the three new shades of the season: Utopia, Sparks & Red Velvet! Featured in Green, paired perfectly with the new Black Diamond Biodegradable Glitter. Together in this elegant gift set, the magic of the season arrives with this sparkling trio. Perfect for creating nail art or adding a classic touch to your holiday fits.. the possibilities are endless!

The perfect gift for lovers of bold color, nail art, classic shades, and long-lasting, shiny and non-damaging manicures!

Need more inspiration to pick the perfect gift? Discover our Gift Finder Quiz!