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Our dotting tool has been given a makeover ✨ Find it in a pretty pack to give (or get😉) as a gift.

Our dotting tool is a nail art tool designed to help beginners create dots, hearts, flowers and more! You can use its 2 different-sized tips to create a myriad of precision designs.

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  • Width of small tip: 1.4 mm
  • Width of large tip: 2 mm
  • Double ended

Dip the end of the tool in the polish and then dot onto the nail. Clean the end in nail polish remover every time you change color and after every use.

Sustainable Packaging

Wood: Seperated wooden piece can be reused, upcycled or composted as it acts as a great carbon source for your compost bin. Otherwise, check locally for a wood recycling program or collection center.

Metal: Metal peices can be seperated and repurposed or added to recycling seperate from other materials to avoid contaimination.

Plastic Packaging (Plastic type #4 - Low Density Polyethylene ): Clean and seperated LDPE packaging can be placed in recycling bin or bring to a local collection center.

As always, verify your local manicipalitiy's recycling regulations and procedures and for more information please go to or

Award-winning innovation 🏆

Dotting Tool
Dotting Tool
Dotting Tool


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