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Yucatán Collection

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Hello spring! 🌸 Let’s embrace the sun and embark on a trip to Mexico. Fueled by inspiration from the architecture and landscapes that fill this country, discover a collection that delivers bright pops of color and the feeling of warmth to fulfill your cravings after a long winter.

Yes we pink ! 💖

We are falling for this bold and artistic pink; somewhere between sweet and acidic, Pétula feels like dripping pomegranate juice – an explosion of flavor for a pink with nothing but character.

The pink has taken a position of authority over the years, this color symbolizes power and feminine energy. Worn by marylin Monroe in the film “Men Prefer Blondes” in 1953 and featured in recent years by luxury fashion houses like Jacquemus and Velentino who seized the color in 2022 by signing a collaboration with color specialist Pantone to make the official “Pink PP”.Yes we pink!

Orange is the new red ! 🍊

This shade of sunset orange has been long awaited! Inspired by the pulp of sun-drenched citrus fruits, Sunset brings brightness to any complexion and energizes any look. This color is joy and announces an optimistic future.

Orange is often associated with, and acts as, a symbol of enlightenment - a sign of peace and enthusiasm. Taking inspiration from traditional Mexican dress, which features cascading ruffles and swaths of beautifully bright and vibrant colors, often including oranges paired with pinks, we recommend a color block look using Sunset and Petula. In the design world, Sunset reminds us of the ultra-colorful sixties, where color and graphic prints were synonymous with eclectic taste and modernity.

The soft glittery pink ✨

A silky, shiny pink with luminous highlights that sparkle. This shade has touches of pearl and glints of silver that give it a subtle but luxurious feel.

Like the name implies, Gloss brings a soft glossy effect to the nails, which imparts a very effortless yet polished look. It has a nostalgic 2000s feel: a light pink rhinestoned razor flip phone or lip smackers lip gloss..yet the satin sheen brings an elevated element that makes it fashion forward. In pop culture, similar tones can be seen in Iconic ways such as in Drake’s Hotline Bling music video or Wes Anderson’s Grand Budapest Hotel. On the fashion side, this shade calls to be paired with silver pieces for a sense of ultra luxury, or added to an androgynous look to showcase dichotomy and contrast.

Nail Art

Our Spring Nail Art expresses itself with colorful curves that showcase a new found sense of lightness, energy and movement. Give free rein to your creativity and don't shy away from color as the season calls for vibrance and zeal ⚡️

Manicures that last like gel but without all the drawbacks, equip yourself with a kit of Green Flash LED polish that is easy to apply, dries immediately under a lamp, and lasts up to 10 days. On top of that, it can be removed in 1 minute without acetone, using only our gentile & hydrating acetone-free polish remover. Play with color in the most easy, healthy and safe way.. not only for your nails but for the planet🌱🌎🌈

« Pinky flowers » Manicure in 3 steps using the Tart&Tangy Trio

1 - Apply Base Coat then follow with 2 thin coats of color: Gloss on your middle and ring fingers, and Petula on the rest.
2 - Using the wide tip of the Dotting Tool, create the middle of the flower and arrange petals surrounding it… have fun and choose whatever colors you would like!
3 - Apply a Top Coat to finish the manicure and highlight your finger flower bouquet!

⚡Green Flash: flash under the LED lamp after each coat of polish for a brilliant and long-lasting manicure.

💅🏼Green: wait for polish to dry naturally in between each step

« Double Glossed French » in 4 steps using the Yucatan 5-Pack

1 - Apply a Base Coat followed by 2 thin coats of the color Gloss
2 - Use the Nail Art Brush to create the French style tip by following the free edge of your nails. For a more colorful look: alternate between the colors of the Yucatan 5-pack: Petula, Snow, Sunset & Mimosa
3 - Continuing with the Nail Art Brush, make colored half circles toward the base of the nail. The easiest way to do this is to start from the middle of the nail and drag in a circular motion toward the cuticle, then repeat on the other side to create the semi circle shape.
4 - Apply a layer of Top Coat to finish and lock in place.

⚡Green Flash: flash under the LED lamp after each coat of polish for a brilliant and long-lasting manicure.

💅🏼Green: wait for polish to dry naturally in between each step