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Green Flash™ is a Marie Claire Game Changer 2023 Award Winner!

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Green Flash™ wins the coveted “Beauty Game Changer” award, reserved for only the most innovative cosmetic and beauty products of the moment! Deemed as the industry’s “game-changer” in the nail care category, find out what makes Green Flash™ stand out from the crowd, and why it was chosen by a jury of top industry experts!

The beauty industry constantly demands innovation… cleaner, more effective, boundary-pushing products that seek to elevate our daily routines and provide solutions to our everyday lives. Every year, Marie Claire connects with industry experts to evaluate recently launched products and beauty “game-changers” in order to discover and award cutting-edge products that every beauty lover and amateur alike should know about. The search spans across 5 categories: fragrance, hair, skincare, makeup and nails, which covers the majority of a typical beauty regime. This year, Manucurist’s Green Flash LED gel-polish alternative was listed among these products as an industry “game-changer” in the nail care category!

Meet the Jury:

The list of evaluating judges included industry experts and professionals from each beauty category, all of which have proved themselves in many ways through their experience, industry presence and innovative approaches in their designated fields. The panel included

  • Alexandra Monet: a creative perfumer with over 15 years of industry experience
  • Cheryl Bergamy: a New York based hair stylist with 20 years of experience having her work appear in a plethora of runways, magazines and editorial campaigns
  • Elaine Offers: a makeup artist working for top actresses and hollywood performers
  • Nick Barose: a makeup artist known for creating beautiful, fresh looks with a twist
  • Dr. Blair Murphy-Rose: a renowned cosmetic, medical and surgical dermatologist
  • Melissa Kanchanapoomi Levin: an award winning cosmetic and surgical dermatologist
  • Sara Chue: an experienced manucurist with her work being featured in editorials and on the nails of Hollywood's biggest stars.

Won over by Green Flash™ !

According to the panel, Green Flash™ LED gel-polish alternative was renowned for its innovative nature and clean formula which is 100% vegan and up to 84% plant-based. Since it is applied like gel with LED light after each layer, the polish instantly dries which means no wait time! So what makes it so innovative or “game-changing”? It is all about the removal process, which is even easier than regular polish. After wearing Green Flash for up to 10 days with no chipping, it can be soaked in the revolutionary (and award winning) Green Flash Gentle Acetone-Free Polish Remover. It loosens the polish from the nails to then be easily peeled off, leaving behind a healthy, protected nail plate, ready for the next color! This means that long-lasting, bold colored manicures no longer require harsh chemicals, drilling and hours to remove and replace. Changing your color has never been easier!

Green Flash applies like gel, dries instantly, lasts up to 10 days with no chipping and can be removed in 1 minute without acetone… a real Game Changer!

Green Flash™ Changing the game since 2019

This award crowns the ambitious challenge of "Creating an alternative to semi-permanent gels that is more natural, less traumatic in terms of removal and safe for the health of professionals and consumers alike..." the goal that founder of Manucurist, Gaëlle Lebrat-Personnaz, aimed to do starting in 2016.

After 2 years of R&D the launch of Green Flash™ changes the game since 2019 by offering a new category of long-lasting LED Varnish that revolutionizes manicure routines at home and in institutes. 💅

This is not the first time Marie Claire has rewarded our innovation. In 2020, the Marie Claire Beauty Excellence Award recognized our brand's Green flash™ innovation and gave us special considerations for our sustainable commitments. A panel of 23 beauty experts evaluated our formula and praised it: "Green, vegan, ethical, the brand has it all! Finally, a clean alternative to gel for nail polish addicts! With far fewer harmful ingredients inside. The result is magnificent and the shine exceptional".

A formula that features vegan & plant-based ingredients, that excludes harmful and controversial chemicals… all without compromising on shine, wear or nail health! Turly a revolution.

Nearly 3 years later, Green flash™ is still an exception in the manicure world, winning awards beyond France's borders.

And there's more to come... Because we intend to continue playing the "Game Changer" in the months and years to come, to build a future for the manicure world that is more professional, higher-quality, more creative, cleaner and greener!

Stay Tuned ⚡