Because one color is never enough, meet the Rainbow Kit

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As the sun plays hide-and-seek among the clouds and rainbows dance above our heads, there's a longing for bright colors in the air. It's time to talk about the rainbow manicure trend.

After the rain...

Last year, all-over nude nails were everywhere. Natural, understated shades were the order of the day for a chic, cool look. This year, time spent at home has given us the opportunity to experiment and create in ways we never thought possible.

Spring 2021 heralded the arrival of the rainbow manicure, as seen in the Instagram accounts of nail artists everywhere. This ultra-vibrant burst of color is like a bag of sweets with just the right amount of sharpness. Good mood guaranteed!

Source: @betina_goldstein (26 June 2019)
Source: @thehangedit on Instagram

The advantage of this manicure is that anything goes. In terms of color, you can go all out with pigment-rich shades that accentuate the colorblock effect. Colors that work brilliantly include Ultramarine, Green Garden and Coral Reef.

A Rainbow nail manicure like a pro

As a French manicure or an all-over look, colorful shades will be your greatest ally this summer. Like a rainbow after the rain. From Lilas pastel blue to Snow white and Peonie bright pink, our Rainbow Kit offers a kaleidoscope of summery colors, available in gel polish Green Flash format.


Be creative!

For the more creative among you, nail art is highly recommended. Mood-boosting colors aside, nothing lifts a look like a pretty pattern.

Source: @thehangedit on Instagram
Source: @thehangedit on Instagram

While the French manicure is a must-try, we're really getting into the negative space nail art trend, where only part of the nail is painted. Designs range from an inverted French manicure to abstract waves and houndstooth checks. Brushes at the ready!

Source: @amyle.nails on Instagram
Source: @amyle.nails on Instagram