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At-home Manicures.. like a Pro?

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There has always been a debate regarding whether DIY at-Home manicures or professional in-salon manicures are better. In recent years, the rate of DIY manicures and at-home nail activities have been on the rise. Partially contributed to covid regulations that closed in-person salons, nail lovers everywhere were able to rediscover the self-care ritual of at-home manicures including their many advantages. In addition, the at-home manicure industry has been exploding with new technologies and techniques to help amateur nail doers get the best results. At-home kits, now equipped with all the essentials for a professional adjacent routine: nail prep, color application, nail art, and even LED lamps for gel application, made simple and accessible for nail beginners and experts alike. DIY at-home solutions provide the freedom to have your nails done on your own time, in the space you prefer, all while saving time and money on salon appointments and fees. Still, there are skeptics who doubt the ability of at home systems to provide what a professional can.

In comes the Green Flash innovation, originally launched in 2019. Manucurist was ahead of the curve as it’s always been a company motivated to give DIYer clients salon quality products that offer intense color, staying power, ease of application/removal, all while featuring plant-based, non-toxic formulations with sustainable packaging. As a brand originally born in and catering to the professional space, there has always been a strong passion for quality and expertise which carries through to all offerings for both professional and at-home clients. We know first hand the advantages of professional quality at home solutions so let’s discuss!

Book an appointment… with yourself!

One of the biggest advantages of doing your own nails is that you can do it on your own time. Night owl? Early riser? Lunch-break hero? No problem! There is no need to schedule during a salon’s open hours, or within their time constraints. In addition, being able to set your own environment can really help to elevate the self-care aspect of doing your nails. Light your favorite candle, put on your favorite show or music artist and take time to enjoy. Better yet? Invite some friends over and get creative together! Doing nails can become whatever you want, a relaxing moment to yourself or an all out party, but the point is, you get to decide.

Respect your budget

In-salon options can be very expensive and often result in a need to come back for proper removal of the product which will only incur additional costs. Oftentimes, the budget required for this is not accessible to everyone, especially in recent times where ways to stretch your dollar is on everyone's mind. When considering at-home products and/or systems, they can be a great way to save money without compromising quality – provided you invest in the correct products. Manucurist Starter Kits contain all the essentials for an at-home gel-like manicure, with even the most expensive (and fully equipped) starter kit only costing you what it would for 3-4 in-salon manicures… and with Manucurist you will be able to do infinitely more manicures!

Time on your side

Save time by removing gel-like manicurist polish by yourself, and even better, without the damage that traditional gel manicures leave behind. No acetone, scrapping or excessing sanding. Simply soak in the Green Flash Acetone-Free Remover for 1 minute and watch the magic happen as Green Flash instantly releases and peels away from the nail, leaving them healthier than before. Finally the freedom to change your color in the blink of an eye.

You are in control

You know that awkward moment where the nail artist shapes your nails wrong or you realize you hate the color you chose? Now you don't know how, when or IF you should tell the artist, or just sit quietly and hope you can convince yourself that you like the result. The risk of social anxiety inducing scenarios like this does not exist when doing your own nails! Pick your own color, change it, and change it again. Shape how you want and go back to any nail you don’t think is perfect. You are in complete control!

Choose the best DIY option for you!

Focus on health, long-wear, creativity – all at home without compromise.

Manicurist, a professional brand first and foremost, has offered an expertise in color and care for more than 25 years, so you can rest assured that our professional status carries over to our at-home options, no matter what type of manicure or care regimen you desire.

Want advanced care products that offer protection and nourishment to your nails? Check out our Base Coat Treatments and Nail Serums! In addition to helping the appearance of your natural nails, improving nail health will also prolong the hold of your color. Not sure which combination of treatment bases, regenerating serums and nourishing oils to get? Use our Diagnostic Tool to find your nail type in just a few clicks, along with the products our experts recommend!

Get colorful with The Green range that offers traditional polish options in more than 70 colors. An infinite number of possibilities to adapt your manicure according to your style. Want to try our colors first? Use your smart phone to test any shade with our Virtual Try-On!
Green formulas are highly pigmented and last impressively long, especially when used with the Sunshine Top Coat which offers a gel like finish by reacting with UV light from natural sunlight as opposed to an LED lamp traditionally used for gel polishes. Takeaways: Intense color & shine that dries faster than traditional varnishes and holds for 5-7 days.

For an even longer lasting color and the easiest removal of any nail color on the market, Green Flash is an all vegan, non-toxic gel alternative that you can feel good about! With Manucurist Green Flash, even if you receive a manicure in the salon, there is no need to go back for proper removal as the polish can be removed easily in just 1 minute with our acetone-free remover and no damage to your nails! It really is the best of both worlds, long-lasting “gel-like” manicures, without all the disadvantages. Change colors and get creative without fretting about your budget or nail health.

Nail art can be intimidating but we made it easy with our Glitters and Nail brushes. It was extremely important to us to offer ways for our clients to feel more comfortable doing designs they wanted on their nails, especially as a recent study found that 39%* of people who went to salons to get manicure services, did so because they did not like the results of doing their own nails – which is often attributed to difficulty of application, especially when it comes to nail art and designs. Try same nail art out for yourself and tag us on instagram @Manucurist !
** Study by Mintel in 2022

Finally,create the ambiance of an in-salon service with our lotions and balms that keep your hands and skin hydrated and happy!

Final tips

If you are aiming for a perfect, professional quality manicure at-home, here are our final tips:

  • Never ignore maintenance or nail prep. This will guarantee long lasting results.
  • Do not skimp on the quality of your products.
  • Equip yourself with the correct tools.
  • Practice like a pro and follow our video tutorials for help!