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Green Flash™ Travel Lamp

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A folding LED lamp that can be stored anywhere with 24W of power for a Green Flash™ gel polish manicure in just 30 minutes!

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With its USB cable and ergonomic shape, you can take it anywhere. When you're not using your travel lamp, simply fold it up and pop it into a drawer, laptop sleeve or any of our pouches. Let’s Flash!

Sustainable Packaging

UV Lamps contain Mercury so their waste is potentially dangerous.

EPA reports UV bulbs must be recycled in these states: Cali, Maine, Mass,Minn, NH, VT, WA.

Check on Earth911 website to locate a local recycling solution or check at Home Depot, Lowe's and ACE hardware who now offer recycling programs for hard to recycle materials.

Lamp with 2-year warranty

To ensure your lamp continues to light up your Green Flash routine, all our lamps come with a 2-year warranty. So now you can Flash with peace of mind! 💫

Green Flash™ Travel Lamp
Green Flash™ Travel Lamp

The 1st LED polish that can be removed in 1 minute!

  • Plant-based & vegan-friendly formulas

  • Staying power and shine for up to 10 days

  • Dries instantly under a LED lamp

  • Base Coat + LED Lamp

  • Color + LED Lamp

  • Top Coat + LED Lamp

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